JPL Sports supports the Softball and Baseball Community in Singapore in various sponsorships. It is our way of thanking our loyal customers for supporting us throughout the years and at the same time build the community.

List of past sponsorship/partial sponsorship programmes:

2013 Sept – SBSA (Singapore Baseball Softball Association) Slowpitch Carnival Series 2

2013 August – NUS(National University of Singapore) Fastpitch Open 2013

2013 June – NTUC U-sports Softball Mania 2013

2013 May – SBSA Kallang Open Slowpitch Carnival Series 1 2013

2013 March – SRC (Singapore Recreation Club) Secondary Schools Age Group Carnival

2012 August - NUS Fastpitch Open 2012

2012 June – NTUC Club USPORTS Softball Mania 2012

2012 March - National Women’s Softball Team Slowpitch Carnival 2012

2012 March - SRC Schools Age Group Carnival 2012

2011 - NTUC Club U-SPORTS Softball Mania 2011

2011 - SRCSBSA Schools Carnival 2011

2011 – NUS Fastpitch Open

2010 - NUS-JAS Fastpitch Open

2010 - SRC Schools Carnival 2010

2010 - Singapore Men’s National Fastpitch Softball Team

2009 - NUS Fastpitch Open

2009 - SRC Schools Carnival 2009

1998 – 2008 – SRC Schools Carnival


Note: a few events may have been left unrecorded (especially before 2009). Should you know of any earlier events that should be up here, do let us know. We appreciate all your support over the years


JPL Sports evaluates all sponsorship proposals to ensure they meet the http://cialisfrance24.com Company’s criteria and business objectives. All requests will be carefully evaluated against detailed criteria such as target audience, benefits and budget limitations.

We support sponsorship proposals that meet the following general guidelines:

  • Proposals are to be submitted at least two months in advance of the event to allow enough time for review and fulfillment.
  • Sponsorship opportunities to focus on Softball and Baseball or outdoor-related events or promotions.
  • Sponsorship opportunities are for a collective group (i.e. sports association, league, school district, etc.) rather than for an individual, travel team, or individual sports team.

If you meet our sponsorship guidelines, please submit your sponsorship proposal to us, for our evaluation. 

Support us to Support you!

With Thanks!

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